With our team members having different limitations due to their disabilities we have to use different pieces of equipment depending on the Athlete we are working with, this campaign will be aimed at raising the funds to purchase the correct equipment so we can continue to train our athletes safely with the aim to compete at events. 

The equipment we use you may see used at Paralympic Games and by other Adaptive athletes in athletics, below you will see the image of a Throwing Fame which is used by all seated athletes in throwing events, we hope to raise enough funds to purchase 2 of these along with the additional equipment for each frame such as the tie downs and pegs. By gaining this equipment we can welcome more seated athletes to the team and make sure they can still continue their training from home in a safe manner with the best equipment to suit their training.


These frame will be purchased from a licensed company that provides some of the best equipment on the market, the frame above costs £600 each.


Paypal - you can donate via Paypal by sending any funds to woundedhighlanders@gmail.com , or you can send a private message to either of our social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram and the team will be happy to help by sending over a link ( we can not post the link on the website ).